About us

About Fly High Kids Nursery

Fly High Kids Nursery started in October 2015 in Building No. V21, Russia Cluster, International City.

Our vision is to provide a place of fun, caring & stimulating environment where kids can achieve full potential in their academic, creative and personal development.

We believe in the saying "Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me & I learn" by Benjamin Franklin.

At Fly High, we provide a platform for kids to learn different artistic skills & develop innovative ideas through hands on training by making children involve in it.

Our aim is to see our kids " Fly High" with their Ambitions.

Our Approach

We focus on facilitating the physical and emotional devolopment of each and every child that crawls or walks through our doors! We believe that quality child care is only possible in a nurturing and loving environment, one where your child is made to feel bright and special every day. Through a routine of child and adult initiated activities, we ensure that our students observe, learn and participate in secure, cozy and enjoyable surroundings.

How We Do

We give your child a safe place to gain strengh, make friends, develop new interests and broaden their understanding of the world. Our program is organized in a way that supports a range of children’s needs. This includes :

  • Group time, circle and story time and music lessons
  • Adequate time and room for movement, sports and pleasantly exhausting games
  • Age appropriate learning tools and opportunities that include a variety of experiences; from quiet reading and block building to outdoor play and challenging activities.

To make Fly High International synonymous with UAE’s best Early Years Education provider.  

To provide and facilitate child care services and education in a safe and healthy environment that fosters children’s physical, intellectual, psychological, social and emotional development.  

To provide high quality education at affordable prices.  

To provide high quality facilities with highly educated and well trained staff in a healthy environment and charge reasonable fees and yet make substantial profits to sustain the business.