BrainOBrain:   BrainOBrain is an advanced abacus brain development program for studnts in the age group of 5 to 13 years old. The course has 10 levels of 3 months each.

After School Activity:   Kids Enrichment progrrm is designed for after school individual development of kids. Students can attend the centre every weekday afterschool to develop various skills as per individual requirement.

Aeromodeling:   Aeromdeling is the art and science of making and flying model aircraft. Students will learn the craft of making model aircraft and the sceince of how a airplane flies.

Animation:  Students will learn the basic of animation and create small animted clips of their favorit characters in both 2d and 3d medium.

Hoilday Camp:  Holiday Camp activities are designed to engage students in creative activities while having loads of fun.